About the Founder

First hand account of living the American dream by the Founder.

 From delivering fish on the mean streets of The Bronx, NY to graduating in accounting, to being conferred the prestigious title of an Enrolled Agent by the US Department of Treasury {IRS}, to owning a full service accounting firm…..

 Driven by ambition, hard work and determination, I successfully built my dream firm – My team & I fully understand the challenges faced by small and mid sized firms and we have the skill sets and experience to help our clients hold on to as much of their hard earned money as possible.

We deliver “Big Four” accounting, tax and consultancy services at rates smaller clients could afford.

The world knows America as the land of opportunity, where the old world chains and class systems do not inhibit success. It is the place where hard work and determination can make dreams come true. I know this is the truth because I’m the embodiment of this amazing American dream.

Numbers fascinate me.

I was raised on a farm with the importance of being simple, straight forward and honest. I also learned to be self-reliant and have trust in my self which later helped me to realize my dreams.

I had one innate talent – a way with numbers and passion for business.

I came to New York at 16 year of age with an ambition and an obvious career choice of being in the center of the heart of the business world – an Accountant. However, one of my first jobs was delivering fish in the South Bronx. I was grateful for the job and worked hard.

I eventually went to college part time, earning my way through school. After graduation I worked in several small accounting firms; seeing first hand the day to day challenges small business face.

I acquired technical expertise in accounting and taxes in a “BIG FOUR “Accounting firm.

My aspiration to be the best accountant drove me to further develop my skills. So, I set my sights on working for one of the Big Four Accounting firms. I landed a position with KPMG where my skills were honed by dealing with very sophisticated corporate accounts of “Fortune 500” firms.

In order to further enhance the value of our services I applied to become an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and passed their rigorous exams which cover all aspects of the IRS tax code.

An Enrolled Agent is empowered by the US Department of Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS for Audits, Collections and Appeals.

Where tax Attorneys and CPA’s are limited to practice only in the states where they are licensed, EA’s can practice in any or multiple states and they are federally authorized.

From delivering fish at 4 a.m. in the South Bronx to the executive suites of Fortune 500’s to the offices of small businesses one thing never changed and never will – my desire to deliver the best and valuable services cost effectively.

I know what it is like to start at the bottom and work your way up. I know the challenges of starting and running your own business and I know how to help small and mid – sized firms run their business in a manner that maximizes their profits while minimizing their tax liabilities.