"After many years of running a tight ship & building my business into a successful organization, I questioned why we were always finishing out the year with a large tax burden, even after our accounting firm had "planned accordingly". While reviewing the end of the year summaries, I had compiled a list of so many questions for my accounting firm but received brief, vague & incomplete answers that did not add up. Baffled & confused, I knew there had to be a better way to understand, plan & execute the accounting for my businesses & holdings.

Taking the time to visit with Armaan Shaviri & Co. was the best single financial decision of my life. Armaan took the time needed to analyze, assess, explain & plan a roadmap for resetting our course.

The advice was clear, concise & supportive. Questions were answered timely & the choices were explained so the differences were understood. Strategies were put together based on the needs of each of my businesses individually, then implemented and fine-tuned to streamline our processes. Armaan Shaviri & his team are masters of their domain. Professional, personalized and on point. I cannot pay enough gratitude & thanks for the opportunity to receive their services.”
-Jesse DeCicco - CEO
Majestic Enterprises Kitchens & Baths, Inc., Naples, Florida
"For more than a decade Armaan Shaviri’s services has helped me file my complex tax forms smoothly and fast. My business operations are International and both diverse and complex. The fact that the Internal Revenue Service has never challenged my tax returns tells me that the government places substantial trust in the judgment of Armaan Shaviri. My last firm did not give my business the personal attention that it needed. I appreciate the fact that Armaan cares about my business like he would his own."
-Major Individual Shareholder-Desmond and Shirley Mitchell
Target International Shipping Inc. Linden, New Jersey
"Choosing the right support in accounting and tax preparation is critical. I took the approach that I wanted a company with broad resources, and that utilized a personalized approach to my business. With Armaan I found the expertise I needed in my business. Armaan takes full responsibility / prepares and provides me with a full set of books effectively and accurately. His approach is cost effective in that I have a relationship with one accounting firm to provide several layers of support. I consider Armaan a key part of my business, and feel he has my company’s success in mind as trusted advisors."
-Principal Shareholder - Daniel Hennessy
Hennessy Liquors Inc., Washingtonville, New York
“We are a construction and excavating corporation. Armaan Shaviri & Co has been our accounting firm for well over 12 years and we are very happy with the service. They are professional, efficient, and available when we have questions. It has been a smooth and easy tax filing experience. Since they are a full service accounting firm they have saved our corporation a lot on taxes by using the best tax saving strategies. They have always done a great job and we highly recommend their service!”
-Wilson Williams, Jr - President & CEO
Tryus X, Inc, New Hempstead, New York
"We have in the past worked with many accounting firms. When I met Armaan he really opened my eyes to the taxes that we had over paid due to lack of tax planning by our last accounting firm. Armaan Shaviri & Company takes full responsibility for all my work. When we first met just by AMENDING my prior years work Armaan has clearly saved us well over $100,000. Thank you everyone at Armaan Shaviri. Our relationship with Armaan Shaviri is priceless. They get back to me with answers that are accurate and appropriate for our business relationship."
-Heddy Tabet - President & CEO
A Matter Of Health Inc, A Matter Of Health Rockland Inc, New York City, New York
“We are a full service Real Estate Developer (architect & builder) out of NJ. We were not pleased with our prior accounting firms services and so we decided to engage Armaan Shaviri & Co well over 14 years ago. Armaan is always available on the phone to answer any questions we may have. Since they do all the bookkeeping/accounting on a monthly basis and at year end provide a complete set of books we have never had to worry about IRS/State notices/audits. Armaan has always provided excellent representation and we have never had any issues or had to pay an additional dime to the government. Armaan Shaviri & Co has over the years saved my company thousands of dollars through applied tax saving strategies. It certainly is very comforting to know that Armaan and his team has our company’s back so we can focus on running/growing the business! We highly recommend Armaan Shaviri & Co.
-Thomas Degnan - President & CEO
Degnan Design Build Corporation, Wall, NJ
“I am the owner of a full-scale food manufacturing business based in Westchester, New York. I was happy to discover Armaan Shaviri for my business and personal accounting needs. Armaan always responds promptly with answers to any questions my staff or I have. Armaan and his staff handle my accounts in a professional manor, and I have never had to worry about IRS/State notices or audits. Armaan and his staff have saved my company thousands of dollars through applied tax saving strategies. I highly recommend Armaan Shaviri & Co.”
-Paul Ghiron- President & CEO
The Crystal Spoon Corporation, Elmsford, NY
"We have recently moved to FL from VA and when it comes to taxes I was afraid to trust anyone. So I decided to do it myself. But it got too complicated. Thanks to Armaan that he was able to help us in a very professional and efficient way. He made it very easy and stress less. We appreciate all his help. He's very responsive and knowledgeable. We highly recommend him. Thank you again!"
Angel Figueroa
Figueroa Complete Service LLC
"Couldn't be happier with Armaan! I run 3 small businesses out of my home which started as side hustles but have grown in the last few years. Particularly my photo biz Sam Joseph Photography. I did not go to school for business, nor do I know anything about accounting so when I found Armaan I was thrilled. I had interviewed other accountants and gotten little headway with someone who I felt I could trust. Armaan walked me through all my questions calmly and warmly for 45min before I even hired him. Then he took the reins and saved me $$$. He truly loves what he does and likes sharing his knowledge. I literally sleep better knowing my taxes are in his hands. Thanks Armaan!"
Sam Joseph
I was born in NY city but had to move to London, England over 12 years ago because of my business. Wanted to thank Armaan Shaviri for his amazing tax analysis and advise that has saved me over $20K in taxes just in the last year. Armaan is highly recommended by me.

Thank you for taking care of my corporate and personal tax returns for 2019. You have been providing me valuable tax advice and service for 10 years now. How time flies! You have always been quick to respond, knowledgeable, and professional of which I am very appreciative."

Thanks again.
John & Pam Hanigan.
"As we navigate very challenging times in our economy and throughout the world, it's important to have professionals like you that can be called on for advice when needed.

As you may know I have always spoken highly of you to my clients and do not hesitate to refer people to you because I am confident of how you do business.

Thank you again and I look forward to continuing our business relationship into the future."
Registered Investment Advisor
InvestmentAdvisor Representative Debanyfinancial Group, LLC
"I have saved thousands of dollars with Armaan over the years, making me very happy. Though he has many larger companies that he works with, I never get lost in the mix. He has always been just a phone call away. My small retail shop has always been just as important to him as the big corporations he deals with. I have referred several friends to him that have been so happy with him they call me back thanking me for his number. Armaan works magic is all I can say!"
-Ben Dickson - President & CEO
DeeDee 88, Inc
"One of the best business decisions we made as a company was to hire the services of Armaan Shaviri, from peace of mind to putting us in touch with the right and best people to help us run a successful and more profitable business.

Will always answer any question at any time.

I highly recommend Armaan Shaviri to any business."
-Stephen Cox
Site Structural Services
"I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail once again during this tax season. Your experience and guidance is beyond measure. You make the process seamless. I have always relied on your advice and know you have guided me with your passion and expertise. I really appreciate the fact you take my calls whenever or call me immediately with any questions we have to get answered. For the past 5 years, you have gone above and beyond taking care of our personal and business taxes always looking out for our best interest. As we close the business it makes me sad this chapter is gone. I know your firm with grow with ease and grace as this is what you have provided us. Thank you for not only being our accountant but our friend."
Jackie Tindall
Officer of Infinite Skyline Management
"My prior accounting firm had bookkeepers who constantly argued with my bookkeepers and the "blame game" never seemed to stop. My partnership with multiple locations was a complicated mess. All I have to say is after Armaan Shaviri’s firm took over my entire practice has been transformed for the better. Armaan takes full responsibility for my monthly accounting, uses the tax strategies that have already saved me thousands in taxes. I recommend Armaan! He’s the Best!"
-Dr. Maureen Cooney DOPC
Nyack, New York
"Since the late 90’s I’ve been filing more complex than normal tax returns in contrast to the average person. Beginning as a young entrepreneur and then moving on as sales executive and then later evolving back into entrepreneurship successfully – I’ve always tried to have the best accountant(s) I could find on my extended team(s). Later in life and right before meeting Armaan, I ended up using subpar accountants that did little to nothing but collect fees and give poor advice and service. Luckily, my wife and I were introduced to Armaan and his team; who literally dug in, did the hard work and helped us recover money and get rid of potential eminent IRS issues through honest, factual and forensic accounting practices that we desperately needed from having sold businesses, started new ones and having poor representation prior… We will be clients for life and will endorse and recommend Armaan to anyone that needs top talent tax and bookkeeping help… Always."
Charles Cantu
CEO Founder RESET DIGITAL / Cantu Holdings Inc.
"A small, start-up business is NOT like other companies, and the folks at Armaan Shaviri & Company have a deep understanding of that. Whether for tax planning or 401(K) plan guidance, they truly get the entrepreneurial challenges we face, and, in order to serve us better, they took the time to wrap their arms around our unique business. As the owner of new, small company, I am constantly hearing, "Make sure you find people to work with that you trust." We absolutely found just that with Armaan. He enjoys what he does and it shows. I wish there were firms like his in every business sector."
-Joe and Pat Warren - President
Tyger 47 Inc and Mr. Claus Inc, Darien, Connecticut
"We were not at all pleased with our prior accounting firm as ALL they ever did was prepare year end tax returns and so they never took any responsibility when it came to issues with the government (IRS & State).

We hired Armaan Shaviri & Co over 10 years ago and his approach is very different. They do all the accounting and update my business General Ledger on a monthly basis and at year end they have a full set books including the Ledger and Financials and then they prepare my corporate taxes. With Armaan Shaviri firm we have never had any issues with the IRS or the State.

We highly recommend Armaan Shaviri & Co.”
-Bruce Kern.
CEO. Premier Benefit Services, Inc.
"Armaan Shaviri understands the needs of a specialty Importer and Distributor of food products simply because he himself has considerable personal experience with this kind of business! He is, therefore, in a position to offer good advice to operate an efficient business, all the time implementing procedures to take advantage of changing tax incentives. His Tax Accounting expertise and efficient preparation for more than a decade, instills confidence and empowers us to grow our business. I would, therefore, highly recommend the services of Armaan Shaviri & Co."
Astor Chin-Lyn
President - Select Ingredients Inc
"In preparing for retirement, I was faced with numerous issues concerning the succession of my business operation to family members. Armaan Shaviri & Company became very involved in the complexities of the process and got to know us on a personal level. It was really the only way to fully understand all the nuances and subtleties of the situation. With larger firms, you’re just another client. But not with Armaan Shaviri & Company. Armaan will do it like he’d do it for his own family!"
-Nick Franco
Nick Franco & Co., LLC, Pomona, New York
"I accredit Armaan Shaviri & Company for their commitment in bringing my company up-to-date on past due tax debts and cleaning up some much disorganized bookkeeping. The lack of proper guidance in bookkeeping was the reason I had over paid my taxes by over $50,000 in the past years. In my very First meeting with Armaan he took a look at my pasttaxes and assured me that if he amended my prior years the IRS would readjust the tax amounts. And Armaan was absolutely correct in his judgment. After the amendment I saved well over $50,000 in back taxes. Thanks to Armaan Shaviri & Company they prepare my books and plan out my year on a monthly basis so I never have any year end tax "surprises".

With expertise in the construction industry, this firm has provided new ideas and functions that I've incorporated into my company, and have proven to be efficient tools in my ongoing success. I highly recommend this firm to all of my business colleagues."
-M. Noushi. Selinsgrove, PA
Orgo Systems, Inc.
"Up until 2005, hubby & I did our own tax returns via Turbo Tax. However, after forming a new Nevada corporation, and retaining the services of a bookkeeper for just a few months, I realized that we needed a good accountant and tax planner for several simultaneous businesses we had. We were very fortunate to meet Armaan Shaviri who was willing to help us with our increasingly complex personal and corporate tax work over the last 15 years. I have found Armaan to be a confident, knowledgeable, detailed, organized and cutting-edge tax-strategist who is kind and helpful and has gone above and beyond in helping me solve some complex tax challenges resulting from multiple company formations. I was impressed with the quality of his referrals, all who confirmed that Armaan rescued them – as he did me – keeping us on track while obtaining great Tax savings for us/them. Armaan has handled many a curve ball that I have thrown at him ~ with a good sense of humor ~ including staying up to 2am to complete my taxes on time, even when I gave him my work last minute! I would highly recommend Armaan to anyone looking for an accountant, tax & estate planner. Armaan is in your court!"
-Janet Chin-Lyn
Managing Partner Select Ventures, LLC, Mahwah, NJ
"Your advice identified $80,000 in previously overlooked tax deductions and discovered a favorable federal tax treatment for over $150‚000 in revenue. Your Firm was able to complete this project faster and with greater certainty than any other we had engaged in the past 40 years. Based on your recommendations‚ we achieved cash savings of $110‚000..."
-Principal Shareholder - Paris Petritsis
Paris Inn, Inc., Wayne, New Jersey
"I have used Armaan Shaviri & Company for my business and personal accounting needs and I have been very pleased with the services. They have helped me in setting up business plans, the decision to incorporate the business and various pension and profit sharing plans. They have always been available to answer tax and accounting questions; if they need to they research the question and provide a documented answer. I highly recommend Armaan Shaviri & Co; they are a pleasure to work with."
-Barry Debany - CEO
Barry P Debany Inc. Tarry Town, New York
"My last accounting firm was a complete "nightmare" for me. Over the years due to lack of proper accounting and no tax advice I found ALL my corporations on the verge of bankruptcy. My books, accounting, tax returns had all spiraled out of control for the worst. Then with the grace of god I met Armaan. From the day he took over he immediately cleared "my bag full of notices" and ever since all my business are running clean and clear of any issues with the Government. I sleep in peace and I thank Armaan for it. Highly recommend Armaan Shaviri & Company."
-Principal partner- Frank Lombardi
Continental Catering Café Inc.
Continental Corporate Café Inc.
Landmark Café Inc.
White Plains, New York
"Armaan is, without a doubt, the best accountant that I have ever worked with. His knowledge of corporate structures and the tax implications of each have been invaluable to me. His suggestions have saved mesignificantly more than he has charged me. He is extremely personable and I have and will always enjoy working with him. I would not hesitate to recommend Armaan’s work."
-Julia Bramwell. M.D.
Complete Pediatrics Inc., New Jersey Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Inc.
"Armaan Shaviri and Company transformed our business. You get more for your dollar with a company like Armaan's. We worked with several accounting firms, prior to using AS&C, and we are so glad to have found Armaan. You get more than an accounting firm with Armaan Shaviri and Co. I consider them a business consultant because they are great at answering questions, planning, and assisting with business decisions. You know a great accountant when you can ask business questions and they have a logical answer. Dealing with this company is near effortless and the numbers always work! We never had a clean set of books until working with Armaan and we have been spotless since. No one works as hard, or cares personally more, than the people we have worked with at Armaan Shaviri and Company. Look no further and call this company if you don't want to ever question your company's financials again.
-Ryan Notarfrancesco - President & CEO
NorthTech Management, Inc., Clifton, New Jersey
"As a nonprofit organization, Global Leadership, Inc. Relies onArmaan Shaviri & Company to do thorough accounting / taxes and provide important financial feedback to our organization. The staff at Armaan Shaviri & Company demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of nonprofit accounting. Their professionalism and customer service are evident and it is truly a pleasure to work with them. We highly recommend their services to other nonprofit organizations in search of a high quality accounting firm.
-Rev. Martin Sanders
Global Leadership Inc., Nyack, New York
"I own a small software company out of Pearl River NY. In spite of having a bookkeeper my books and records were a complete disaster. Then when a business associate recommended Armaan Shaviri & Company I met with Armaan and almost immediately he transformed my business. He gave me tax strategies that I never got from my previous accounting firm which led me to save significant tax $$$. I don’t have to worry about my books and taxes any more. I highly recommend Armaan Shaviri & Company.
MCF Software, LLC. Pearl River, NY
"We were not at all pleased with our prior accounting firm as ALL they ever did was prepare year end tax returns and so they never took any responsibility when it came to issues with the government (IRS & State). We hired Armaan Shaviri & Co over 10 years ago and his approach is very different. They do all the accounting and update my business General Ledger on a monthly basis and at year end they have a full set books including the Ledger and Financials and then they prepare my corporate taxes. With Armaan Shaviri firm we have never had any issues with the IRS or the State. We highly recommend Armaan Shaviri & Co.”
-Marcia Kern
President & CEO. M Kern, Inc.
"Armaan Shaviri has been an invaluable asset to our family's wealth management team. We would be in a completely different financial situation, had we not been blessed to be connected with Armaan for the past several years. His knowledge of tax preparation and in-depth understanding of the regulations that we base our tax returns on is superior to any service I've experienced. Thank you for taking such great care of us!"
-Meg & Joe Warren
"Armaan is by far the best accountant I have ever worked with. Over the years, I’ve had multiple accountants and none of them were as close to as knowledgeable and thorough as Armaan. Armaan is extremely organized and efficient which always made the process easy, but he also takes the time to get to know the people he works with on a personal level. Accountants are typically all about the numbers and nobody is better in this area than him, but Armaan doesn’t stop there, as he always made sure my wife and I were properly taken care of. We were always thankful for his services and knew we were always in good hands with Armaan. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend working with him. He’s a top notch accountant, and an even better person."
- Derrick Fish
"Armaan Shaviri is an absolute pleasure to work with! He is thorough, professional, and timely in his work and approach. I would highly recommend! We are so grateful to have worked with Armaan and have benefitted tremendously from his services and expertise."
- Kaitlin Russo